Posted on Mar 10, 2023
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This week's Program Chair Amy Jones, left, brought Stevi Dahl to talk about her new mobile therapy venture OnPoint IV Therapy.
An emergency room nurse studying for her master's to become a family nurse practitioner, Stevi knows the importance of hydration and vitamins and how one's body absorbs those nutrients and fluids 100% when taken intravenously. Better health and an enhanced immune system are some the benefits of IV therapy.
Get more information or schedule your mobile therapy session by calling 940-452-3126; email; on Facebook at OnPoint IV Therapy; or Instagram at Onpoint_IV_therapy.
With several nurses onboard, Stevi can serve customers across Palo Pinto County, including PK Lake and into Graham.
Thank you, Stevi, for your informative and interesting program on the benefits of IV therapy.