Today’s Rotary Club of Mineral Wells board meeting produced some exciting news as the club begins to regroup and move forward once again.
First, we will be meeting weekly again beginning Wednesday, Sept. 9. We will meet Wednesdays at noon in the fellowship hall of Southside Church of Christ, 1401 S.E. 25th Avenue. Thanks to Connie Ball’s coordination, the church is opening its beautiful and spacious building to us. It is easy to get to, plentiful parking and just a few steps from your car to the building.
Our meetings will be catered by Sadie’s Eats (2020 Reader’s Choice winner for best salad.) We will provide more details on how to order and pay for meals, but essentially Sadie will offer two box lunch choices like she currently does on Mondays and Tuesdays.
Typically, Sadie will offer a salad and another choice such as a panini sandwich with chips, or a burrito or other choices (she is open to suggestions). Her meals are typically large (and always delicious) so don’t worry about leaving hungry.
The choices will be sent out Fridays and members planning to attend that following Wednesday’s meeting will have till noon Monday to notify Sadie of their selection. They can then pay Sadie $10 online using the Venmo app (very easy to do) or pay her by check or cash at the meeting. The club will provide plastic cutlery and napkins (sealed combo package) and a choice of water and tea. Sadie in the fall and winter will often have soups and other seasonal offerings.
President Tonya Gary will be preparing the slate of speakers so be watching for that and more details regarding meetings. This is very exciting and we are thankful to Southside Church of Christ for opening their doors to us. We have discussed making a donation to their youth mission fund in exchange.
Second, we have set a date for the 16th Annual Rotary Crazy Kicker – we are falling back to our traditional fall date of the Saturday after the Crazy Water Festival. That means Saturday, Oct. 17. We have posted the event on our social media pages so be thinking and planning for that. This is also exciting, and we really need to have this event. If you are able to secure a sponsor, or can get a sponsor, please contact Tonya for details. We also hope to have volunteers man the rest stops so we will let you know more about that going forward.
A little bit more good news is Dan Steele said our club experienced the biggest membership growth in District 5790 for 2019-2020 and will be recognized at the Aug. 25 Vibrant Club workshop. Congratulations and thanks to everyone for helping re-grow the club. Let’s repeat it! Membership growth is everyone’s responsibility, not just new Membership Chair Kelly Strain. We think there will be the same or similar incentives and prizes for this year to encourage guests, prospects and new members, plus Kelly likely has other ideas.
We will end it with that for now, but we hope to see you at noon on Wednesday, Sept. 9, at Southside Church of Christ!