The Mineral Wells Rotary Board met noon Tuesday, January 11, at The Blackhorse. Reports were given by the secretary and the treasurer.  Several upcoming events were also discussed.

Harris Brooks will lead a new member orientation at noon on February 17 in the PPGH Board Room.  He will be contacting our new members inducted in the last year to participate.

The Vocational Committee led by Beth Watson are hosting the 4 Way Speech Contest at the Mineral Wells Council Chamber on  February 17, at 7:00 pm.  The date was scheduled with help from the high school to avoid conflicts with the stock show, UIL events, etc.  Beth plans for the committe members as well as any other interested Rotarians to talk to classes at the high school to soliciet participation from the students.

The Flag Committee is working to increase the size of the flag storage facility with the possibility of a new building as well as a possible new central storage location.

The board also decided to purchase a new projector for use in club meetings.  With the new locking filing cabinet contributed to the club in place at Holiday Hills Country Club, we will have a secure place to store the projector and other club items and have it available on a weekly basis.

The Public Relations Committee (Harris Brooks) will work on an announcement for the Mineral Wells Index featuring our flag program.

Out next Board meeting was set for Monday, February 7, at The Blackhorse.  All Rotarians are welcome to attend the meeting.