At midnight (Wednesday) I will become your Immediate Past District Governor, and Roger Paschal will become the Governor of our great district!  As my term ends, I want to thank you for allowing me the privilege of serving as your District Governor for the past year.  

I look back to July first 2019 and feel that I was so lucky.  I was able to make all of my club visits in person.  Then Lynn and I were able to participate in some club fundraisers and other events, which helped us to get to know you better, and helped me to become a better Rotarian.

I met so many wonderful people. All of our clubs, large or small, truly care about our communities, and the world.  Even before COVID, that was clearly evident. 
But, it was COVID, and how our membership and club leaders reacted to it that showed me the true strength of our District 5790 Rotary Clubs.  We encouraged the use of Zoom for meetings, and one comment I received summed it up best: It came from an “average aged” Rotarian who said “I thought I would never do this.  I was scared to try.  Now, it is second nature, and it keeps me engaged with my club members, my friends”. 
Then, we asked Rotarians to dig into their pockets and help fund a grant to help hospitals and food pantries all over the district.  They did in record numbers, and helped to fund the largest grant this district has ever put together.  Rotarians, Thank you, you are awesome!

As I bid you farewell I ask that you support our New District Governor and First Lady, Roger and Linda Jean Paschal.  They are your new cheerleaders as Lynn and I ride off into the sunset.  Or a cruise...

Virtual District Conference

After much input and soul searching it has been determined that planning a Conference for our year, after your next year is more that half over is not a good idea.  At a meeting this afternoon we decided to produce a Virtual District Conference in mid August.  You will be hearing more about it soon, but for now know that it will be a fun celebration of all of your accomplishments during this past crazy year.  We were dealt a global pandemic, murder hornets, a toilet paper shortage, Sahara dust and more.  We didn't flinch, rather we Zoomed our way through and in many ways became even more engaged as Rotarians.  That, my friends, is worthy of a celebration.  You will be recognized, honored and celebrated for the way you immediately stepped in and helped to make things better.  Lynn and I, and your entire Leadership team are grateful for you and all of your fellow Rotarians.  Look for more details soon!

Thank you for allowing us to be your partner this past year!