Posted on Apr 13, 2023

If you enjoy steak, burgers or brisket, do you give much thought to the quality of beef you are throwing on the grill or placing in the oven?

Campbell Decker (pictured above left with club President-Elect Mike Rankin) on Wednesday told Mineral Wells Rotarians that beefeaters should give more thought to their beef choices. While eating meat is good for you, eating high-quality beef that is 100% “grass-finished” is even better and healthier.

Campbell and his wife, Claire, operate local producer Native Beef TX. Their products are pasture-to-table steaks and grounds coming from Angus breeds organically raised humanely and purely on grass. No grains are used. They do not use antibiotics, vaccines, chemicals, or added hormones. No pesticides or herbicides are used on their pastures located north and south of Mineral Wells.

Campbell said not only do they ensure completely organic beef, he said they strive to be excellent stewards of their land and natural resources. Their herds are regularly moved into different areas of their pastures to ensure proper grazing and replenishment. Forgoing pesticides makes them good neighbors and protects their water tables and wells.

He said 100% pasture-fed cattle produce beef with lower fat content containing more heart-healthy Omega-3 fatty and Omega-6 acids. Grass-fed beef is known to carry more antioxidant vitamins, including vitamin E.

Buying from Native Beef TX not only ensures you are eating the best-quality beef available, but you are also supporting local producers who strive to raise herds and manage their lands in the best possible way.

Visit Native Beef TX online at or find Native Beef TX on Facebook. You can shop their selections and sign up for their subscription delivery service. They also provide tours, with the information provided on their website. You can also find Claire's favorite recipes. Look for Native Beef TX at “Let's Grow Crazy” farmer's markets and soon they will be restocking products downtown at The Market @ 76067.