Rotary Member Spotlight

The Rotary Member of the Week is Sarah Hahs. Sarah is originally from...
Chico, Texas and is a financial advisor. In 2005, she started in this industry and has been a part of the Edward Jones family since June 2021. She has been married to her husband Braden for over 13 years. They have two sons: Kason and Korbin. So far at their "Hahs-cienda" they have two dogs, and two cats, and looking to add more this next year.  Throughout her life, helping others has been an integral part of who she is. Sarah has a career that allows her the ability to help individuals grow, organize and protect their life savings. What she does can help make an impact on future generations.  She joined Rotary to make a positive difference and serve the community in which she lives and works.  Her hobbies are spending the majority of their time enjoying all types of outdoor activities that range from camping adventures, boating, fishing and blazing trails on ATV's to getting involved in various community events. When they are not on the go, she likes to enjoy a nice cup of coffee or capture life as it happens through photography.
Fun Facts About Sarah:

If you could go anywhere where would it be?  It would be Reykjavik, Iceland to observe the Aurora Borealis.
Who would you like to trade places with for a day? It would be Cody Jordan and I’d hope to capture even a little bit of her many talents. Sorry, Cody if you took my place my kids still wake up early on the weekends ;).
What is your secret talent?  I love being a think tank and giving out possible solutions to problems.
Each week we will spotlight one of our amazing Rotarians in the weekly bulletin.  It is a great way to get to know each other and share all the great things our Rotarians are doing in our community outside of Rotary!