Community Service

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Connie Ball & Diane Brown

Committee Co-Chairs

Once described as the "heartbeat of Rotary," Community Service, the Third Avenue of Service, is a many-pronged effort to improve the quality of life within a community.  From the very first Community Service project in 1907, led by founder Paul Harris, our Rotary Club's reputation, to a large extent, is built on the myriad service projects undertaken.

This committee develops projects that will promote the welfare of people in our community, specifically in the areas of promoting literacy, sponsoring youth activities, helping prevent drug abuse and crime, supporting the talented, providing health education and care and providing child care.  Community development involves plans and projects that will help build a better place to live.

Projects undertaken by this committee have included donations to Camp Grady Spruce, Palo Pinto Challenge, Project Graduation, as well as providing needed equipment to Palo Pinto General Hospital and dictionaries to Mineral Wells fourth graders.  The club, under the direction of this committee also participates in delivery of Meals on Wheels weekly and a reading program in the local elementary school.