Posted by Beth Henary Watson on Aug 14, 2017

Dear Rotarians:

I am the host of this week's program. I bring you a program somewhat related to my industry..."Personal Finance and the Soul." A recent article in the New York Times noted some instances of monks and nuns leaving monasteries to work in or found financial advisory businesses because almost everyone who came to visit them had, at its root, a personal finance problem! Right after I read this article I got an email from my priest asking what it would take to be a financial advisor, saying if he wasn't a priest he would probably be a financial advisor!

So I bring to you my friend Fr. Eric Vowles, rector of All Saints Anglican Church in Weatherford, to talk to us about this very interesting topic that affects so many Americans. Father Eric is a facilitator of Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University and came to North Texas from Baltimore via Midland. He is also a veteran of our Armed Forces, having served as a chaplain in the Air Force.

I hope you will be present yourself, and bring a friend.


Beth Henary Watson
E Bulletin